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Anesthesia Billing Services

MGSI has and continues to demonstrate for over 20 years its expertise to effectively code, process and collect for anesthesiology services. This is supported by our long term client retention and satisfaction. MGSI has enjoyed excellent results providing anesthesia billing, providing services to small and large groups in multiple states in the United States, as well as in the Tampa Bay Area. Two major components in being successful in this specialty is having the appropriate billing software to handle anesthesia billing as not all software’s are able to process anesthesiology coding and billing.

The second component is having an experienced and cohesive team who individually and collectively has the expertise in effectively handling anesthesia billing. Coding and billing for anesthesia services can be complicated and to some difficult to maintain compliance- such as: knowing your modifiers, reporting qualifying circumstances, appending physical status modifiers along with properly calculating time for anesthesia services.

MGSI consistently monitors coding, claim submission, A/R management, payer fee schedule changes and patient billing. Our coders are certified and stay current with the constant changes in coding and compliance through continuing education and coding compliance seminars.

MGSI has developed and refined financial and productivity reports- from outstanding days in A/R to productivity by location, physician or procedures which allows us/you to gain multiple perspectives on your practice and quickly identify trends, problems or opportunities. A considerable amount of revenue is often lost due to internal medical billing and coding errors.

As an Anesthesiologist, you are well aware of the special requirements needed to bill for services you render. MGSI has the prerequisite knowledge and expertise to insure that you’re billing captures all services thereby providing for more efficient and effective collections Read our Anesthesia case study.

We continue to improve our business processes as part of our commitment to continuous improvement and we ensure that our client’s charges are billed accurately to achieve maximum reimbursement

Leave your anesthesia billing to MGSI you can focus on the critical work in taking great care of your patients.

Contact us to know how we can serve you better as the anesthesia billing company that meets all of your Requirements.

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