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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your service cost?

MGSI fees are based on the scope of services and functions that MGSI will perform in combination with the several services we can provide like coding, charge and demo entry, A/R follow up, payment posting, re-credentialing and more. For these services we have fees that can be a percentage of net collections, a flat fee or a per application fee.

What are the advantages of filing electronically?

The improvement in technology for the Healthcare industry has been dramatic. It is now possible to submit medical claims, receive ERA's and EFT’s from almost every carrier in the country. This has allowed for the reduction of denials, in days to collect and the ability to follow up much more effectively. MGSI utilizes practice management systems and ancillary software to facilitate a paperless environment with access available through the web in most cases

Where do the checks go?

Today, many payments are received electronically with all dollars sent directly to your bank account. In instances where actual checks are still received, they will be delivered to the remit address of your choice

How do I check a patient balance and account information?

MGSI continues to invest in state of the art technology. With this in mind, our clients may have a highly secured access to our software that will provide real time patient account information, if desired.

What if a patient pays in the office?

If your office staff receives patient payments in the office, that payment is deposited by your staff and a record of that deposit along with a copy of the check is sent to MGSI for posting unless the office staff has that responsibility to do so.

I am concerned about losing control of my practice, how will using your service affect the amount of control I have?

Because MGSI is able to provide you with real-time access to all your practice information from anywhere in the world, we are able to provide you with more control over your business. You will no longer have to worry about work backlog due to employee vacations or absences. So whether you are sitting at your desk or vacationing, answers to your finances are a click away.

Who does the patient call when they have a billing question?

MGSI provides a patient call center to handle patient billing inquiries. This service was created to reduce office call volumes. Our call center is open during normal business hours Monday - Friday excluding national holidays. All conversations are noted on the patients account and are available to your staff for reference..

What kind of reports do you provide to monitor my account?

As part of our service, we provide a mutually agreed to set of monthly reports. In addition, since our clients have real-time access to our billing system, with training they can be printed at will by staff members.

How will I be assured that my patient records will be kept confidential?

MGSI is fully HIPPA compliant and in fact our compliance has been certified by a third party that allows us to assure you that not only will your practice information be kept financial but all PHI is secured as well

What is the time frame for billing out claims once the contract is signed?

Upon receipt of requested data, MGSI takes approximately three weeks to set up all your  practice management files. Once this is complete, MGSI can immediately begin handling your billing.

How can I contact you if I need more information, or want to sign up?

A: You may contact us by calling toll free at 877-896-6474 or by emailing our office hours are Monday - Friday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm EST..

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