Electronic Health Records
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Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Features:

  • CCHIT Certified
  • E&M Coding Guidelines
  • Prescription Writer
  • Drug-Interaction Checker
  • Free-hand electronic notes
  • Audio Notes
  • Patient medical history
  • Report Viewer
  • Appointment Calendar
  • Surgery Scheduler
  • Hospital Queue


  • Microsoft TabletPC™ Device
  • Internet Connection
  • Hardware Guidelines
electronic medical records

Electronic Health Records Management: Clinical Pain Relief

The use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) has become a forgone conclusion with the advent of better technology, government mandates/incentives and the rising concerns over the protection of PHI and cyber security. In eliminating a significant amount of paper work, reducing in some cases the opportunity for errors and increasing physician productivity it is the goal to deliver higher quality patient care at a reduced cost.

Electronic Health Records Specialist: The Right Platform for Practices

MGSI, as a national account for both Allscripts and Harris CareTracker offers our physicians electronic health records solutions utilizing these platforms as part of our revenue cycle management services. Physicians can view medical histories of their patients and document new encounters while in or away from the office. Easy-to-use, it allows physicians to document their encounters electronically in addition to helping them code their charges appropriately with Evaluation and Management documentation guidelines.

Our electronic medical health records is built using cloud-computing technology which means you get instant updates, reliable connectivity, and access to complete global content. When choosing an Electronic Health Record efficiency is key. CareTracker offers “one-click” access with flexibility and customization in areas such as:

In addition, MGSI works with many other Electronic Health Records vendors in hopes of providing our physician clients the best solution for them.

A Total Solution

The purpose of electronic health records is to not just solve the physicians’ clinical needs, but to help make the entire medical billing process more efficient for the practice.

In addition to providing physicians with an electronic health record system, our EHR software is designed to provide physicians with an extension to their clinical and administrative operations with:

Ten key features within your Electronic Health Record and Practice Management solution can help the transition go more efficiently and provide you some savings.

To know more about this Electronic Health Record software call toll free at 877-896-6474 or email info@mgsionline.com.

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