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Medical Document Management Systems Features

  • Paperless Office System
  • Hosted or Server Options
  • Store, Index and Retrieve
  • Scanned Images
  • Audio Files
  • Word Processing Files
  • Any Electronic File
  • Document Templates
  • Customizable Fields
  • Patient Charts
  • Workflow Engine
  • Web Browser Interface


Hosted Solution

  • Scanner
  • Windows XP PCs

Server Solution

  • Scanner
  • Windows XP PCs
medical document management

Medical Document Management Systems: The Paperless Practice

Medical document management is crucial to any practice. Working with our partner companies, MGSI provides Medical Document Management Systems (DMS) for medical offices seeking to become less dependent on paper and more efficient in their day-to-day operations. The Medical DMS enables physicians and their staff to store and retrieve all forms of electronic documents, including scanned images, word processing documents, and any other type of document, image, or electronic file.

Access Important Documents Anytime

The DMS is designed specifically to take advantage of the Internet so that physicians and their staff can have secured access to their documents from anywhere at any time.

Electronic Documents That Can Be Customized

Using the document template utility, medical offices can design and deploy customized document solutions that enable them to customize the Medical Document Management Systems to their needs. Document templates can be set up for patient information sheets, lab results, prescriptions, and any other type of document that may be desired. Each document template allows for multiple user-defined fields that can assist with indexing and searching.

For example, a lab-result document template may consist of a patient id field, a date field, and a lab name field. Similarly, each document can have user-configurable fields that define numeric values, text or dates. The number of document templates and indexing possibilities are unlimited.

Less Paper, More Productivity

Electronic document archiving and retrieval is proven to help medical offices reduce the cost of maintaining paper, increase productivity, and make day-to-day organization much more efficient. With the Medical Document Management Systems customizable document templates and built-in workflow engine, the manual movement of paper becomes a process of the past. To make medical document management easier for your practice, Call toll free at 877-896-6474 or email

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