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Physician/Provider Credentialing Services

The process of provider credentialing can at times be overwhelming as well as extremely frustrating as the application process is very detailed. The slightest mistake can cause the application to be rejected causing delays in payments and frequently the loss of revenues completely. MGSI can reduce, if not eliminate this possibility. MGSI has a dedicated team to handle provider credentialing services only. We have invested in state of the art software which:

As a national medical billing company our team is well versed on the regulations and mandates for provider credentialing services in multiple states.

When is Provider Credentialing necessary?

Why should you outsource physician credentialing?

Physicians find provider credentialing difficult due to several reasons like:

Moreover, since it can take a minimum of 45 days and as long as 6 months to process an application every effort should be made to have the submission submitted with no errors or incorrect information. MGSI, utilizes a specially designed software for the Physicians credentialing process in hopes of reducing the opportunity for errors.

Advantage of outsourcing physician credentialing to MGSI:

What Type of Physician Credentialing DO WE Do At MGSI:

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