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Why should you outsource your billing to MGSI?

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Why outsource medical billing and collections

Medical billing, as you know, is the lifeblood of your practice and you must take all precautions and safeguards to protect that lifeblood.

Yet on almost a routine basis, providers are giving away their checkbook to strangers as they constantly hire new medical billing staff within their offices to handle their medical billing and collection functions.

Your cash flow is totally dependent upon how your patient receivables are managed. Entrusting your receivables management to a medical billing outsourcing would eliminate the disruption you experience in your cash flow with your personnel turnover.

Advantages of outsourcing medical billing

Using a professional medical billing service has many advantages:

Freedom from staff management problems

By entrusting cash flow to one or two office staff members, you are totally financially dependent upon your personnel. If a billing staff member decides to leave your practice, you face the stress of assuring that the medical A/R function is maintained appropriately and is transferred in a timely fashion to someone else.

Training time is usually required and can result in a substantial decrease of cash. In addition, you will be required to invest more time and money into training a new outsourced medical billing staff member. In many instances, an increase in salary costs will also occur.

Timely maximum payment

At MGSI, we know that keeping up with the growing complexities of medical reimbursement is absolutely critical for timely maximum payment of medical services rendered.

As a trained and experienced multi-specialty medical billing service, we are your vital link between providing healthcare services and receiving payment for those services.

Key objectives Outsourcing medical billing

By outsourcing medical billing services to us, w e will accomplish three principal objectives:

Flexible options

MGSI offers a wide range of medical billing outsourcing and financial services.

You may contact, either for specific services or for the full service.

Call toll free at 877-896-6474 or e-mail to find out more about MGSI and how we can help your practice.

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