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outsource medical billing

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outsource medical billing

Why outsource medical billing

Medical billing, as previously stated is the Lifeblood of your practice and is essential for your financial health and success.

Yet, almost on a routine basis, providers are giving away their checkbook to strangers as they constantly hire new medical billing staff within their offices to handle their medical billing and collection functions.

In today’s medical billing world outsourcing seems to be the only logical choice if you want to obtain the highest level of reimbursement, consistent cash flow and regulatory compliance. Don’t continue to have this process disrupted by employee turnover and lack of expertise.

Employee management problems

Staffing turnover is a major issue in the medical billing workflow and can affect the efficiencies needed for it to be done successfully. By entrusting your medical billing solely to your office staff you are exposing yourself to such things as absenteeism, theft, lack of education in regulatory changes and their distraction from other office responsibilities.

As you experience staff turnover from resignations, terminations etc., the learning curve can be very steep and expensive since training time can usually be accounted for in loss revenues and extended days in A/R. Obviously with MGSI this can be avoided as we have many employees capable and crossed trained to handle  your account.

Timely maximum payment

At MGSI, we know that the ever changing complexities of delivering healthcare services require that personnel keep up with all reimbursement and regulatory changes. At MGSI we pride ourselves not only on the ongoing education of our staff but that of our clients as well. This is critical to achieving the highest and appropriate reimbursement for your medical claims. As a trained and experienced multi-specialty medical billing service, we are your vital link between providing healthcare services and receiving appropriate payment for those services.

Key objectives Outsourcing medical billing

By outsourcing medical billing services to us, we will accomplish three principal objectives:

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