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MGSI fee structure

Because we at MGSI believe in our ability to get the job done and maximize your reimbursement levels, we work on a percentage of net collections that your practice derives from its billing.

You get what you pay for

As you know, various billing services quote a wide range of fees, but when evaluating a company to provide these services you need to exercise great care because in most cases, as the saying goes, 'You get just what you pay for'.

Operating a healthcare billing service such as MGSI is an expensive undertaking and you will find that those companies who seek a higher service fee are most often those that provide better service with better results.

Remember, billing is the lifeblood of your practice and all safeguards must be pursued.

Customized pricing structure

Each practice is evaluated to determine its specific service needs and we tailor our service fees to meet the unique characteristics of your practice.

Several items such as the number of providers, specialties, and payor mix are taken into consideration to develop a customized price structure that actually reflects the work we do on your behalf.

Further information

If you would like further information on our fee structure and how it relates to your practice, call toll free at 877-896-6474 or e-mail:

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