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Medical Claims Billing And Processing

As a physician, you know the difficulty in managing your patients and medical billing simultaneously. Medical claims Processing is as complex as healthcare these days. While healthcare keeps changing every moment with new advancements in medicine, equipment and procedures, billing demands adhering to new compliance guidelines like HIPAA 5010, ICD 10, EHR ‘meaningful use’ guidelines etc. Although you need to keep yourself updated with the latest mandates in the field of billing and to implement those often there is a ‘tug of war’ between patient care and medical claims billing. The best way out is to leave billing to billing and coding specialists. . This will provide you more revenue, time for patient care and professional growth..

Why MGSI for your Medical Claims Billing?

If your practice gets bogged down with medical billing and coding issues, you must consider outsourcing the work to MGSI and our medical practice consultants especially on Medical Claims Processing. MGSI has an experienced team of medical billing specialists that provide end-to-end billing services to physician groups of all sizes and specialties. When you outsource to MGSI, we create efficiencies in the medical billing work flow and will increase the revenue of your practice.


Take your practice to new heights by partnering with the right medical billing & collection partner – MGSI. Speak to our billing specialists to know more. Call us toll free at 877-896-6474 or email

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